how do i get out of rut?

Ruts are a sticky place! 

When in one, you feel like every day has a ‘same old shit, different day kind of feeling’!

Is this you? Are you fed up feeling like an exhausted pigeon? Do you want to get unstuck and change your story?

Are you ready to bust out of the rut?

transformational coach

“I totally get how you are feeling. I know how it feels to be in that place where you are right now, but I also know how to move out of that in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or scary”

Right now I know you are in a fangle.  You’ve got yourself in a knot with everything; I won’t bore you with a list, because you don’t need a reminder!

What you do need is someone to show you how to get out of this sticky rut you are in, to show you that out there (the danger zone) isn’t as scary as you think, and with the right help and support you can navigate your way through as you begin to evolve into the ‘me you wanna be’.


What the chuff is that?

ME-volution is the whole journey that we will start together as we get you out of this rut.

Rather than give you a tick list of targets or goals to reach (that’s just boring AF!!) we begin where you are right now, and step by step, we move out of your comfort zone, that place where everything is all familiar and cosy but deep down you hate it with a passion!

As we navigate through the danger zone, we will discover what makes you, you?  What makes you tick and what makes you go “er not for me thank you very much”.  Once we know who you are and what you are about the FUN really starts!!

“Sophie is there with you through the darkness and supports and navigates you to find your inner sparkle and shine brighter than ever”

Cheryl Mercer


It’s a step in your ME-volution!


It’s me showing you that you CAN change your story and transform your life.


Right now, I know that you are not overly fond of yourself, and maybe you have tried everything you can think of to try and change how you are feeling… the self-help book your bestie raves about or whatever you’ve found on google, and nothing seems to work.


You’ve settled into a ‘this is my life now’, a life that has a never-ending to-do list as you busy yourself with the next thing on the list or whatever it is someone wants you to do.  A life where you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by everything.


Knowing how that feels, I want to help you bust out of this rut and create a life where…


👉 Days don’t drag on or feel like the same old

👉 You know who you are and what you are about

👉 You have less stress and anxiety

👉 You feel confident enough to say yes to the things you want to do and no to the things you don’t

👉 You have more energy because you are sleeping better and not running yourself into the ground doing all of the things

👉You are no longer in that rut and feel more in control



You’ve spent so long being told who to be or what to do, you’ve lost sight of who you are.  Perhaps you feel like a label or feel you have no identity. 

This first step will change all that as we dive into who you are and what you are about.  We look at how your besties describe you (no they are not just saying that!).  All the ‘labels’ which you have worn in your life up to now, finishing up with looking at who would you be if no-one was looking or if you weren’t in this rut.


No more pretending with a fake smile that all is grand.  Here we will focus inwards because that is how you begin to change the outward reality.  All that stuff you believe right now is keeping you stuck and that needs to change.  

In this second step, we are going to get you to a place where you are loving the life you are living by looking at, what is working well for you right now and what isn’t.  All the things you love doing, how often you do them and how you can do them more often.  Finishing up with what gives your life meaning and gives you joy.


The biggest bitch is your inner critic. She’ll tell you things that will keep you stuck and have you believing you can’t when you absolutely can.  

In this third step, we are going to get her to shut the hell up and build evidence that will keep her quiet by looking at when you last did something that ‘she’ said you couldn’t and it worked out fine.  What you are assuming about yourself that is holding you back and whether they are true or a big fat lie.   We finish off by creating a Mission Statement/mini toolkit that you can use over and over as you continue your ME-volution.


One thing I know to be true… it doesn’t matter if friends or family don’t respect you or accept you then they have to go. Another thing I know to be true…when you surround yourself with people who love and respect you, anything is possible!

In this final step, we are going to build a strategy to deal with the people in your life who are keeping you stuck, and who love judging and criticising you.   Together we will cover what qualities you value in a friendship and who in your life now, matches that.  Who drains your energy and makes you feel bad about yourself and what you can do about it. Finishing off with who are the most important people in your life and how do they support you


Change doesn’t happen in a whiff whaff!  It takes time, energy, and commitment to want to create movement out of this rut you are in.


Rutbuster is 8 weeks of me being hands on with you 1-2-1.   I need you to be all in and not just in it because it’s something new to try.


THIS IS FOR YOU! >>  If you want accountability, straight-talking, and support from someone who has been where you are right now.

THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! >> If you prefer quick fixes, a one size fits all approach, and doing it half-arsed with no real desire to change your story and transform your life.



Good question! Why listen to me?

Because once upon a time my story was very different.

I’ve spent most of my life being told I was worthless, useless, and would never be anything. Those words affected every area of my life and for a long time, I believed them. Until I decided to start a new story.

I know how you’re feeling and how scary change feels, but I took the steps to get me to where I am today; proving those people wrong and showing them just how I can shine my light into the world. My mission here at Raar HQ is to help as many women as possible do the same.

So, give me your hand, and let’s take this leap together because it’s your time to fly.


transformation coach for women

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