When it comes to making changes in life, most people will freeze like a rabbit caught in headlights. They find the whole thing a struggle and difficult to do.

The monkey chatter kicks in telling them of every time they fell flat on their face when they tried to make changes with added “who the chuff do you think you are,” “You are so ungrateful” … on and on it goes until you find yourself living a life that has the same shit, different day kinda feel.


It might feel that you are the only one experiencing this and asking yourself why you just can’t pull those big knickers up and get on with it, but you aren’t. This fear is so common that it has been defined as Metathesiophobia – Intense fears related to change.

I’m not saying this is what you have, but intense fear can build up for a number of reasons, but the main one is finding comfort in the discomfort.

You would rather stay where you are, no matter how hard it gets or how much of a hard slog as it’s familiar to you. For you, it’s a place of safety, somewhere where you won’t be laughed at, or judged and no possibility of you screwing up and falling flat on your face (again!)

It’s this familiarity and safety that keeps you where you are. Why move from this discomfort zone into the danger zone? A place where everything is new, and scary when you can sit in this discomfort with a feeling of every day having the same shit, this is my life.



Most ‘expert advice’ goes with the PROBLEM > METHOD > PROBLEM SOLVED approach which is usually about a mahoosive step from where you are now to a place where everything is magically better.

I much prefer going with little steps. WHY? It’s those little steps that will stop you from being scared of change. Each little step allows you to build evidence that you can, detangle the fangle that you are in right now, and evolve into the me you wanna be.

It’s about turning change from being scary to your ME – VOLUTION!

Because that is what it is. It’s not about a sudden 360 swivel to something new and scary but a slow and steady change that allows you to create that movement from that discomfort zone, navigate through the danger zone to a place where you are feeling happier, you know who you are and what you are about.

Doesn’t that feel yummier and more doable?


#1 No more what iffing

The first place to start is to accept who you are and where you are right now. No amount of ‘what iffing’ is going to change that.

All of the things your ‘what iffing’ over is keeping you stuck in the rut.

Allow yourself to accept who you are right now, in all its imperfect beauty. If you don’t then you will constantly be trying to achieve that better life, it will always be “if I..” and chasing what you think will remove this same shit, different day kinda feeling.

#2 Embrace the danger zone

This zone isn’t all that scary! It feels that way because it’s all new and because you have been telling yourself that it’s just too much for you right now and you’ll only fall flat on your face again!

As you navigate your way through here, there will be ups and downs and everything in between but as you discover more about who you are, as you continue to build your confidence and evolve, you will begin to realise that it’s not that scary after all.

#3 Evolving into the me you wanna be

This me-volution takes time. It’s not a race!

It’s about shedding the old and becoming this new vibrant woman with a burning desire to live life to its fullest in whatever shape that takes.

It’s about unfurling your wings and showing who you are

It’s about finding your inner voice, your RAAR.


Change is scary, there is no getting away from that. But the fear that builds up around that, makes it feel a struggle and difficult to do.

But when you allow yourself to see it as a ME-VOLUTION, an opportunity to detangle the fangle and become who you want to be (and dare I say meant to be) then you stop being scared of change, gone is “why do I struggle with change” and “why is change so difficult for me.”

In its place is a knowing that step by step you will move out of this discomfort zone, step by step you will embrace the danger zone with all its ups, downs, and everything in-between as you slowly evolve into the me you wanna be.

how can I change my life and be happy

Change The Story You Are Telling Yourself

I see you.

You’ve got the house, car, job, and perhaps the dream partner but you feel empty like there is a missing piece.  You can’t quite figure out what it is and keep searching for that one thing that will fill that space.

The Me-evolution ~ Your Guide To Getting Clear On Who You Are & What You Are About Ebook is a way to change all that.

What would life look like if instead of constantly people pleasing and dragging your ass through the day, you loved who you are, and felt alive as you lived life  as the ME YOU ARE HERE TO BE?

Would you be feeling more confident in yourself, allowing you to say YES to the things you want to do and NO to the things that make you feel uncomfy and perhaps a bit resentful?

Perhaps you are beginning to have things working out as they should and not getting into a fangle if they don’t?

Are you out of that sticky rut you’re in that kept you stuck in that job or that relationship?

Is being who you are meant to be got you feeling happier because for the first time in a long time you are doing what is right for you and not trying to please everyone else?

You CAN be all of that and more!

It starts with one little step…

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