You’re probably familiar with self-help books and talk show hosts who tell you to love yourself, but you may be wondering how to go about that. While your relationship with yourself is the most important connection in your life, it’s easy to forget about nurturing it.

However, self-love and compassion are too important to forget about or neglect as it shapes your experiences and your relationships with others. When you are in a place of not having a very pleasant view of yourself, you become stuck, not knowing who you really are anymore and using avoidance tactics as you go about your day.


#1 You look around and see positivity everywhere but feel anything but positive about yourself.

#2  You know you are exhausted, but you busy yourself with the next ‘to-do’ and keep saying yes to the next person who needs you to do something.

#3 You want to change and create a different reality for yourself but don’t know how or where to start.

If you are saying yes to any of these, then it is time to make positive changes in the way you think about and treat yourself.


The first place to focus when you want a different reality is inwards! Being present and confident on the inside allows you to make decisions, create change and is the catalyst to your outer world looking and feeling very different.

 If you don’t turn inwards and, dare I say it, love who you are (or even accept and have less resentment as a starting point) then your outward view has those lenses tinting it. These strategies will help you to think more highly of yourself:

#1 Accept yourself – Know that you are worthy of love and respect just the way you are this moment. Embrace yourself with all your quirks, flaws, and randomness. It is after all what makes you, you.

#2  Create your own definition of happiness –  Ask yourself what loving who you are would mean to you – Is it to not be feeling tired, stressed and out of whack with everything as you try to find that love, joy and happiness.

#3 Talk yourself up – How do you speak to yourself? Maybe you are hard on yourself when something goes wrong and have an automatic response of self-confirmation of all the things your inner critic tells you. Choose words that are encouraging and uplifting. Changing your inner dialogue will help you build your confidence and make you feel happier.

#4 Avoid comparisons – Facebook and Instagram didn’t invent social comparisons, but social media has increased the potential for harbouring resentment and causing triggers. Trying to live like someone else is exhausting and stressful. You’ll accomplish more and feel a lot happier if you dare to be yourself.


when it comes to self-love and compassion for self, how you treat yourself is a big signal to others if you do or do not. Simply put, if you think badly about yourself, chances are others will too and that makes it very difficult to establish boundaries, to do things that bring joy and happiness and to attract the right kind of people.

If you are saying you love yourself, but your actions are saying completely different, these techniques will help you treat yourself kindlier:

#1 Practice self-care – you might think you’ve got this one down. But its more than just having a shower and having clean clothes! It’s about developing good habits around your health and wellness, such as creating time for things that bring joy and happiness or having one night a week where you go to bed early.

#2 Find your tribe – When you surround yourself with people who love and respect you, anything is possible. You deserve to have these types of people in your life, they are your tribe and will support and encourage you to be the best version of you.

#3 Maintain boundaries – When you set a boundary, it isn’t to remove someone from your life but as a way to keep them in without making you feel exhausted and stressed out. When set right they send the message that you are no longer prepared to do whatever or tolerate whatever. They are not selfish and gives you a way to treat yourself kindlier.

#4 Make time for you – Taking time out of your day or week to do something you love or lights you up are essential to prevent burnout. It allows you to recharge and feel happier and fulfilled. It doesn’t have to be something big, or time-consuming, it can be as simple as a 5-minute walk in the garden listening to birds.


Loving who you are is the first step to a happier confident you. It is the basis for having healthy relationships, establishing boundaries and doing the things that bring joy and happiness. It will boost your self-belief as you become more confident in who you are, what you want and saying yes to the things that light you up. It will give you more time to look after yourself and develop good habits around health and wellness.

You might not believe that right now. Perhaps you feel you are the only one feeling the way you do, and nothing can change that. The woman I work with have felt that same way for such a long time that they don’t believe things can ever be different or that they deserve things to change. I’m here to remind them (and you) that you can change your story and you deserve one where you are happy with who you are. A life where you are filled with self-love and self-belief of who you are and what you want,  

how can I change my life and be happy

Change The Story You Are Telling Yourself

I see you.

You’ve got the house, car, job, and perhaps the dream partner but you feel empty like there is a missing piece.  You can’t quite figure out what it is and keep searching for that one thing that will fill that space.

The Me-evolution ~ Your Guide To Getting Clear On Who You Are & What You Are About Ebook is a way to change all that.

What would life look like if instead of constantly people pleasing and dragging your ass through the day, you loved who you are, and felt alive as you lived life  as the ME YOU ARE HERE TO BE?

Would you be feeling more confident in yourself, allowing you to say YES to the things you want to do and NO to the things that make you feel uncomfy and perhaps a bit resentful?

Perhaps you are beginning to have things working out as they should and not getting into a fangle if they don’t?

Are you out of that sticky rut you’re in that kept you stuck in that job or that relationship?

Is being who you are meant to be got you feeling happier because for the first time in a long time you are doing what is right for you and not trying to please everyone else?

You CAN be all of that and more!

It starts with one little step…

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