Well hello there!

It’s lovely to see you here


Usually, Coaches use this page to list all their qualifications and what they can and cannot do for you! 🥱

Whilst I do have those, I feel it’s more important to be more personal, a chance for you to get to know me and what makes me, me!


I’m Sophie, mum, wife, and crazy cat lady of 5! No that’s def not a typo! 🤣

I’m a little bit sweary, a tad clumsy, and can be real slow to get the point of things… but you know what? I’m totally cool with that!

how do i get out of rut?

Change starts here…

No matter how much we want to change and shake up our life, it’s nice and safe in our comfort zone. We might hate it in there, but it feels familiar and we know what to expect – no matter how rubbish and hard those things are.

So, why would we step outside into the unknown? Why would be put a foot into the discomfort zone? It might be worse, scarier, harder. It might hurt more. So we stay.

The Me-evolution is a way to change all that.

A Few Things About Me!

 #1 I’m an expert at multi-tasking!

Not so long ago I made jewelry (my first business!)  At the same time, I was volunteering for a couple of charities helping with welfare advice, dabbling in politics as I wrote around disability issues, studying for a degree, and being a mum and wife.

#2 Life has kicked the shit out of me not once but twice!

Just when I thought, my life had finally gotten better after experiencing childhood abuse and trauma, it changed overnight.   My eldest went off the rails and the continual stress and anxiety of what he was doing meant, I could no longer do any of the things I was doing.

#3 My health is a bit shit!

To cope with the pain of what I experienced growing up, I started using drugs and drinking heavily.  Thanks to my wonderful hubby, I’m now completely free but I now have Chronic Pancreatitis and everything that goes with it.  I also have clinical depression.  Both kick my arse whenever they feel like it.

And now the fun stuff…

 #4 I’m a Psychic Medium

This makes visiting old places a bit hairy! 🏰👻😱

#5 I’m clumsy AF

I trip over my feet, over the cats, over nothing!

#6 A celeb crush!

Ok, if I must!! But you need to tell me yours!  It’s Chris Pratt 😍



Am I a crazy cat lady?  Maybe!!

These little floofers keep me on my toes and it’s only fair you get to meet the paw-some five!



how do i get out of rut?

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