Transformation coach for women

Ready to break free from your past? Re-write your story? Transform how you feel? One step at a time?

Here at Raar HQ, you can find everything you need to empower you into the next chapter of your life.

Are you ready to get started?


You keep searching for the missing piece because it’s nice and safe in your comfort zone. You might hate it in there, but it feels familiar and you know what to expect – no matter how rubbish and hard those things are.

So, why would you step outside into the unknown? Why would you change your job, your house, or perhaps your relationship?  Is it because ‘out there’ might be worse, scarier, harder.  Maybe It might hurt more. So you stay.

The Me-evolution ~ Your Guide To Detangling The Fangle & Evolving Into The Me You Wanna Be Ebook is a way to help you overcome that fear of the unknown.

It’s a safe place, a guiding hand, a friendly hug, and the odd accountability push when you need it. It’s a way for you to take small steps and create movement out of how you are feeling right now so you can detangle the fangle and evolve into the me you wanna be.

To write a new story, create a new narrative, and begin a whole new chapter. Not from fear or because it’s what was expected of you, but because this is the path you’re choosing.


Good question! Why listen to me?

Because once upon a time my story was very different.

I’ve spent most of my life being told I was worthless, useless, and would never be anything. Those words affected every area of my life and for a long time, I believed them. Until I decided to start a new story.

I know how you’re feeling and how scary change feels, but I took the steps to get me to where I am today; proving those people wrong and showing them just how I can shine my light into the world. My mission here at Raar HQ is to help as many women as possible do the same.

So, give me your hand, and let’s take this leap together because it’s your time to fly.



how do i get out of rut?

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